Friday, 31 October 2014

Interesting phenomena.

The Dawn Patroller appeared in the shedudio with armfuls of ?  

"Found these on Inverallochy beach.  Any idea what they are?"

I suggested he went outside.  Things washing up on beaches usually mean attendance of the army and controlled explosions.

So with him outside I then listed, 
Coconuts.  Not heavy enough.
Dung. Didnt smell.

So I did what anyone would do and put up the picture on facebook.

My friend Lesley, she of the Aurora Borealis followers also has a degree in Marine Biology.  She posted,

  Egagropili spheroids from Neptune seagrass (Posidonia oceanica) the common name are Seaballs. 

As a result of the tale end of the Gonzalo Hurricane the sea whips up the sea grass into perfectly spherical balls. Different sizes.  And they covered the foreshore at Inveralllochy, none of the other beaches next door or across the bay, just this one bit.  Hundreds of them.

(As an afterword, the Dawn Patroller is now totally fed up of requests from people for 'a bagful, going to put them in the garden'  What on earth for?)  (Now if it were spring time it would be good nesting material for the birds.....)

The other interesting phenomena of the week was whilst the DP and I were preparing breakfast.  Cappucino each, cereal for him and toast for me and meaty bits for the cat on steroids and biscuits for the other, info for all you bloggers who like to discuss menus.

 Now what the heck is that?  Even my friend Lesley who sky watches day and night (as well as sea watches) was stumped.

It looked like what comes out of an aeroplane.  But we dont have aeroplanes over us.  Only helicopters to-ing and fro-ing to the oil/gas -platforms out in the North Sea.  And had it been an aeroplane, look closely, the pilot was obviously drunk.  Or an artist.

Then someone mentioned they had seen a drone.  A drone?  I think that is a pilotless air thing, but why here and what was it doing, is it still there, lurking.  I tell you friends its scary living up here sometimes.

The final interesting phenomena.  The Museum of Scottish Lighthouses Board of Trustees has a FEMALE vice chair.



rusty duck said...

Oooh yes, very stylish those seaballs. You'd pay a fortune for them in designery shops in London.

christinelaennec said...

Congratulations, Madame Vice-Chairman! Wee quinie!

So the sea balls are really an oceanic equivalent of hairballs?


BadPenny said...

Would the sea balls make kindling ?

justjill said...

Hi Penny, think they would go woosh!!! To be honest Rusty Duck hit the spot as we have been inundated with requests for 'a bagful for the garden'. I stopped reading House Beautiful mags et al so a new one on me.